CassaMobile created various types of output, such as deliverables, brochures, peer reviewed articles, conference presentations and multimedia productions.
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Final presentations

Below you can find a set of presentations that summarises the project final outcomes. Just click on one of the titles to view the slides.


The video summarises the outcomes of CassaMobile and shows a live demonstration of all the modules working within the actual container.


CassaMobile co-organized workshops and events in collaboration with other bodies and institutions.
Stuttgart - August 2016
Stuttgart - October 2015

Public Documents

Download the public information about CassaMobile's research and its first outcomes.
  • Final Publishable Summary
October 2016
  • Second Publishable Summary
October 2016
May 2015
Final Press Release
November 2016
February 2014


All CassaMobile-related scientific publications are listed here.
Jens Friedrich, Stefan Scheifele, Alexander Verl, Armin Lechler
Procedia CIRP, Vol33, 2015, 115-120
Stefan Scheifele, Jens Friedrich*, Armin Lechler, Alexander Verl
Procedia Technology, Vol15, 2014, 398-405
September 2014
Jens Friedrich, Stefan Scheifele
Im Blickpunkt, ISW periodic brochure
  • CassaMobile - Project Introduction
August 2014
Stefan Scheifele
Forschungsbericht Uni. Stuttgart – BW


All CassaMobile-related poster presentations.
22 June 2015
Andrew Johnson, Hanifeh Zarezadeh, Richard Bibb, Russell Harris, Ross Friel
SPARK 2014 Innovation Expo, United Kingdom
  • Flexible Mini-Factory for Local and Customized Production in a Container
16 December 2014
Becky Eskandari
SPARK 2014 Innovation Expo, United Kingdom

Oral Presentations

All CassaMobile-related presentations and lectures.
  • 3D Printed Orthotics and orthotic product development
26 March 2015
Jari Pallari
3D Printshow Berlin, Germany
  • 3-D Druck: Revolution im Maschinenbau
30 September 2014
Oliver Refle
  • Flexible and modular control and manufacturing system
16-18 July 2014
Jens Friedrich
9th CIRP Conference on intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME14), Italy
  • Flexible, self-configurating control system for a modular production system
2 July 2014
Stefan Scheifele, Jens Friedrich, Armin Lechler, Alexander Verl
2nd International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence: Challenges for Product and Production Engineering
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No. 609146 (Project CassaMobile).